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Longform Editions

Sydney, 08.10.19

Longform Editions is a music series based out of Sydney, Australia, dedicated to deep listening. They've supplied two hours of new age, ambient & field recordings, in pursuit of reclaiming some space in our continually fragmented world.


  • Demeter
    Bitchin Bajas
  • Nightbirds
    Pan American
  • Behind The Spiderweb Gate
    Alison Cotton
  • Sweet Water Pools
    Frank Bretschneider
  • The Dreaming Arrow
  • Fluid Array
    Sun Araw & Mitchell Brown
  • Itinerant Pattern
    N Chambers
  • Palace
    Hegira Moya
  • 29 °
    Lisa Lerkenfeldt
  • The Currawong Shall Return
    Paul Mac & Andy Rantzen