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Lonnie Holley

Los Angeles, 11.01.19

With Lonnie Holley

Experimental plugged in jazz auteur Lonnie Holley pays a visit to the LA studio.


  • Lonnie Holley
    Crazy Alligator
  • Bishop Perry Tillis 
    Too Close
  • Mary B
    The Days Is Past And Gone
  • Reverend A. Johnson 
    Death In The Morning
  • Lonnie Holley
    To Get To The Other Side
  • Abner Jay 
    I,m (sic) So Depressed Blues
  • The White Rose
    How We Got Over
  • Rev. Anderson Johnson
    God Don't Like It
  • The White Rose
    Power Of God
  • Lonnie Holley
    Hyped Up Piped Up
  • Georgiana P
    You Don't Know What The Lord Has Done For Me
  • Bishop Perry Tillis 
    Nobody's Fault But Mine