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Somewhere between grief, prayer & liberation


An hour of music and sound from Rizmi.

Artwork by @khadijadraws

Collection: Palestine


  • Unknown Artist
    Beautiful Quran Recitation By Palestinian Boy
  • Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia 
    Peace (Alap)
  • Rabiah Mali
    Between Silence And The Voice
  • هلالاليا
  • Riad Awwad, Hanan Awwad, Mahmoud Darwish 
    I'm From Jerusalem
  • Gunjan 
    Valley Of The Shadows
  • Delroy Edwards 
    Sick And Tired
  • Unknown Artist
    Gaza Dua
  • Azemad 
  • Rafeef Ziadeh
    We Teach Life
  • Fun-Da-Mental 
  • Fun>Da>Mental 
    Mother Africa Feeding Sista India
  • Credit 00 
    Love Warriors
  • Ultras Of Raja Casablanca
    Ya Lahbiba Ya Falastin ('O Lovely, O Palestine')
  • Soy Sos س​ي​ن​ا إ​ن​ت​ا​ج "​ا​ل​آ​ي​ة 12 في ج​ب​ل
    Outernationalism (Verse 12 In Sinai Mountains Soy Sos Mix)
  • Hassan Abou Alam 
    Distorted Reality
  • Tzusing 
    風雲再起 (Dirty K Wakanda Theme Variation)
  • Recording
    Free Palestine Chant, London Protest 14.10.23
  • Doctors At Al Awdah Hospital
    We Will Stay Here, Until The Pain Is Over
  • Sami Yusuf 
    We Will Never Submit
  • Recording
    London Protest For Palestine, 28.10.23