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Orpheu The Wizard

Amsterdam, 24.02.22

Amsterdam selector Orpheu The Wizard connects oddball and straight forward jams from different decades in a one hour guest mix.


  • 江差追分(前唄) (Virtual Reality Mix)
  • Folie 2
    Confrontation (Teams For Great Cities)
  • Cumbaya
    The Liquid State (Wake Dream)
  • General Ludd 
  • Tack>>Head 
    Ticking Time Bomb Dub
  • Mark Grusane 
    The Next Ride
  • Dhuo 
    Rome By Night (Remixed Extended Version)
  • S Transporter 
    S Transporter 4
  • The Jak
    Gravity D-Lyte (Dirty Blends)
  • Touch 
    Fallen (Instrumental)
  • D Chow 
    Original Force
  • Drawing Future Life 
  • Chimère FM 
    Vol Du Héron Cendré