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Phase-Change Memories w/ DELF

Los Angeles, 14.07.22

Elphick Wo, aka Delf, is a music producer based out of New York, USA. The Hong Kong native's music explores genres and cultures in search of sounds that are both familiar and modern, blending off-beat rhythms, and textural soundscapes with a dash of soul. Sound artist by day and performer by night, Delf draws inspiration through the lenses of a post-colonial Hong Kong kid and weaving sonic influences between East & West.



  • 猫 シ Corp. 
    Indoor 園芸 Climate Control
  • DELF
    Tea House (茶點)
  • DELF
    Mercy (施) Ft. K-Notes
  • Matt Force, Room307, Akira Mimasu
    Fotan Jazz Club
  • Slodown
    Me & Mrs Wong Ft. DUMBFOUNDEAD
  • Chloe Martini
  • Darryl Reeves 
    She Said
  • 朝加真由美 
    Hold On Me
  • Jun Miyake 
    A Thoughtfull Touch
  • Saint. Ezekiel
    Original American Dream Ft. Adrián Terrazas-González & Magnús Jóhann
  • Michael Gibbs 
    Red Car Boogie
  • Bohan Phoenix
    New York Made Me
  • Kansado
    SOLOS Ft. Ferraz
  • Jordan Rakei (Photay mix) 
    Sorceress (Photay Remix)
  • Nonato & Seu Conjunto 
  • Wink 
    Special To Me
  • Elkka 
    Burnt Orange
  • Batavia Collective
    Delta (Indonesia)
  • Masayoshi Takanaka (高中正義)
    That’s The Way Of The World