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Reimagining Country w/ Jamal Khadar


Culture journalist Jamal Khadar takes a trip through country music’s hidden roots and surprising global connections—in search of a more personal, nuanced view of what it means to be a country fan. From African-Country crossovers to Jamaica’s country connection, and the continuous role of Southern Soul in remaking country.


  • TL SE Rogie
    I Wish I Was A Cowboy
  • Matthew Jeffries 
    Iwe Kusidio
  • Petrus Mntambo 
  • Rennie Cotton Heart 
    No More Love In This Town
  • Christie Igbokwe Essien
    Ever Liked My Person
  • Emma Ogosi 
    Slave Drivers
  • Jess Sah Bi, Peter One 
  • Poor Charley Okaa
    Don’t Cry
  • Oby Onyioha
    I’ll Put It Right Again
  • King Sunny Ade & His African Beats 
    Ma Jaiye Oni
  • Chemutoi Keteinya & Kipsigis Girls
    Chemirocha III
  • Ogak Jay Oke 
    The Reason Why I Live
  • Dusty & Stones
    Ride With Me
  • Bongos Ikwue 
    Show Me A Virgin (In A Maternity Ward)
  • S.E. Rogers And His Guitar 
    My Lovely Elizabeth