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Sam Wilkes

Los Angeles, 16.05.18

Special guest shows from around the world.


  • Curtis Mayfield 
    The Makings Of You
  • Sam Gendell
    Na Na
  • The Clarke Sisters
    A Praying Spirit
  • Marvin Gaye 
    My Love Is Waiting
  • Sly And The Family Stone
    Coming Back From War
  • Miles Davis 
    Little Church
  • Brian Green
    Memory Man
  • Joyce 
    Aldeia De Ogum
  • Inflatable Chaise
  • Janet Jackson 
    Someday Is Tonight
  • Phil Upchurch 
    You Wouldn't, You Couldn't Be True
  • Luis Cole
    Another Place
  • Earth, Wind & Fire 
    You And I
  • The Claus Ogerman Orchestra 
    A Sketch Of Eden
  • Fleetwood Mac 
    Walk A Thin Line