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Sign Libra

London, 22.03.18

With Sign Libra

Ape To Man mixtape by Sign Libra is a one-hour long journey through the spiral of evolution on Earth. The first part of the mixtape depicts the birth of life forms and explores our ancestral roots. The mixtape’s second part sketches the development of the technological age and shows its importance in modern study of the distant past of our planet.


  • Jean Luc Herelle
    Redescente Dans Le Temps Jusqui’a La Prehistoire
  • Alan Hawkshaw
    Eternity (Sign Libra Vocal Overlay)
  • Savant 
    Sensible Music
  • Craig Leon 
  • Vangelis 
    Silent Portraits 1
  • Robert Rich 
    Terraced Fields
  • Mike Oldfield 
  • Susumu Yokota
    Uchu Tanjo
  • Wally Badarou 
    Dance In The Dust
  • Tangerine Dream 
    Midnight Trail
  • Centuras 
  • Optica
    Evolute (Sign Libra Vocal Overlay)
  • Robert Leiner 
    Aqua Viva
  • The Future Sound Of London 
  • Mickhail Chekalin
    Origin Of Species
  • Elicoide 
  • Sign Libra