Six Organs of Admittance

London, 22.02.17

With Six Organs Of Admittance

Special guest shows from around the world.


  • Lungfish
    All Creation Bows
  • Richard Youngs
    Life On A Beam
  • Jackie Lynn
    Franklin, TN
  • Keiji Haino
    Live Recording
  • Alice Coltrane
    Jai Rama Chandra
  • Nikki Sudden, Rowland S. Howard
    Wedding Hotel
  • Epic Soundtracks
    Roll The Stone
  • Che Sizu
    Sea At Dawn
  • Coil
    The Dreamer Is Still Asleep
  • The Cakekitchen
    Dogs And Cats
  • Major Stars
    It’s A Blessing Brother I Can't Lie
  • Catherine Ribeiro
    Ame Debout

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