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Tokyo, 31.07.18

Soi48 (Keiichi Utsuki & Shinsuke Takagi) Throughout their life journey, a DJ duo by the name of Soi48 discovered and revived music regardless of its format—whether LP records, cassette tapes, CDs, VCDs, or even USBs. On the production front, they have been music directors for “BANGKOK NITES”, a movie released in 2017 by Kuzoku, and EM Records’ Thai music production. They also involved in various activities such as domestic and international live shows (e.g. Fuji Rock Festival), talk show events, magazine and book publications, radio programmes, and TV shows (e.g. NHK), while promoting the glamour of Thai music and their music journey. Want to find out more about Soi48, Thai music, and their journey? Their book, “TRIP TO ISAN: Traveling Thai/Isan Music Disc Guide” is now on sale.


  • 台湾花蓮阿美文化村
  • Haku 
  • Shimshon Miel 
    Amsterdam Experience
  • Hidden Operator 
    Sneaking Around
  • Manos Tsangaris 
    Drüm 1 (Elephant's Easy Moonwalk Through The Night)
  • Jeich Ould Badu And Ahmedou Ahmed Lewla
    El Moutarah
  • Two Or The Dragon 
    Prelude For The Triumphant Man
  • Luka Productions 
  • Jun Arasaki And Nine Sheep
    Kajyadhi Fu Bushi (Visible Cloaks Remix)
  • JUU
    อารมณ์ต่ำ (Bass Down)
  • Calung Darso
  • Unkown Artist
    Sunda Instrumental
  • Aping Feat. OUK YUT
    រឿងជីវិត(Reung Jivit)
  • JUU Ft. G.JEE
    ชมนกชมไม้ (Watch The Bird)