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Stadio Sessions

Berlin, 16.07.21

Stadio Sessions is brought to you by the people behind Stadio, a football outlet based in Berlin. Featuring selections from all across the musical world, interpersed with clips of classic commentary.


  • Unknown
    Turkey V Italy
  • Alessandro Alessandroni 
  • Unknown
    Italy’s Opening Goal
  • La Perservita
    I Love You
  • Unknown
    Romelu Lukaku First Goal V Russia
  • Unknown
    Romelu Lukaku Second Goal V Russia
  • MF Doom 
    One Beer
  • Unknown
    Raheem Sterling V Croatia
  • Slum Village 
    Fall In Love (Remix)
  • Unknown
    Stefan Lainer V North Macedonia
  • David McCallum 
    The Edge
  • Gap Magione
    Boys With Toys
  • Die Welttraumforscher 
    Kaffee, Kuchen Und Kometen
  • Unknown
    Goran Pandev V Austria
  • Unknown
    Denzel Dumfries V Ukraine
  • Yannick Chevalier 
    Ecoute Le Son Du Soleil
  • Maxx Mann 
    Bloody And Blue (Instrumental)
  • Todd Modes 
  • Unknown
    Patrik Schick V Scotland
  • Unknown
    Portugal V Hungary
  • The Space Lady
  • Unknown
    Aaron Ramsey V Turkey
  • dip in the pool. 
    On Retinae (West Version)
  • Unknown
    Germany V Portugal
  • Throbbing Gristle 
    Distant Dreams (Part Two)
  • Unknown
    Denmark V Russia
  • Risqué III 
    Essence Of A Dream
  • Emerson 
    Sending All My Love Out
  • Unknown
    Germany V Portugal
  • Transllusion 
    Unordinary Realities
  • Unknown
    France V Switzerland
  • Steel An' Skin 
    Reggae Is Here Once Again
  • Hudson People 
    Trip To Your Mind
  • Unknown
    Yann Sommer Penalty Save V France
  • De La Soul 
    Stakes Is High
  • Unknown
    Raheem Sterling And Harry Kane V Germany
  • Laurie Anderson 
    O Superman
  • Unknown
    Unai Simon Save And Alvaro Morata Goal V Croatia
  • Tom And Jerry
    Papillon Love Song
  • Unknown
    Tomas Holes V Netherlands
  • X-Altera 
    New Harbinger
  • Unknown
    Lorenzo Insigne V Belgium
  • Unknown
    Kasper Dolberg V Czech Republic
  • Vera 
    Take Me To The Bridge
  • Chris & Cosey 
  • Unknown
    Alvaro Morata V Italy
  • Nairobi Sisters 
    Promised Land
  • Exiles 
    Fussing & Fighting
  • Unknown
    England V Denmark
  • Joe Pass 
    A Time For Us
  • Unknown
    Italy V England