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Temi Kogbe

Lagos, 31.01.21

This selection of records shows geopolitical cultural trends linking South Africa, Cameroun, Congo and Nigeria. Vinyl culture is a way of talking about regional integration and free flows between African countries. On the cultural front there are many examples of records that are the fruit of these flows. In the 70s whilst other African countries were suffering from the consequences of the oil price hikes., Nigeria, an oil producing member of OPEP, was enjoying a boom. This situation resulted in the Nigeria co-financed the struggle to playing a bigger role in African politics. The leaders were vocal about neo-colonial wars in Namibia, Angola and very critical of the Apartheid regime. They sponsored freedom fighters in Southern Africa and co-financed the struggle to end Apartheid. Locally Nigeria experienced the migration of Ghanaian and French-speaking African musicians. They ended creating a music inspired from the Congolese Rhumba of the 50s and 60s. They called it highlife after the west African variant but it had more in common with Soukous.


  • Akendengue 
  • The Midnight Stars 
    Uzwe Ngobani
  • Afro Funk 
    Try And Try
  • The Executives
    You Are A Mombo, You Are A Sunshine
  • The Soul Brothers
  • The Strangers 
    Groove On In
  • The Light Bearers
    The News
  • Mambo
  • Waka Baby
  • Orchestra Nic
    Bekono Makian
  • Watawotos
  • Negros Bantous
    Ekah Mbwang
  • St. Augustine & The Rovers Dance Band 
    Onwu Ama Dike
  • Sunny Ojegbalani