Todd Rundgren

New York, 01.10.19

With Todd Rundgren

An hour of brand new collaborations, 90s favourites & unfiltered nonsense from the visionary US songwriter and producer.


  • Fabulon
    In A Mood
  • Black Grape
    In The Name Of The Father
  • Ken Nordine
  • MC 900 Ft Jesus
    But If You Go
  • Public Enemy ( S.P. Jervier mix )
    Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Dub Mixx)
  • Todd Rundgren And Neil Finn (Unreleased)
    Artist In Residence
  • Lorne Green
    I’m A Gun
  • Tame Impala (Todd Rundgren Remix)
  • Blue Nile
    Over The Hillside
  • Brak (Space Ghost Coast To Coast)
    I’ve Got You Under My Drawers
  • Gray (Unreleased, Todd Rundgren Remix)
    Doctor Dhoom
  • Spearhead
    Chocolate Supa Highway
  • Todd Rundgren & The Roots (Unreleased)
    Godiva Girl
  • 12 Rods
    What Has Happened? / Glad That It's Over / Marionette

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