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Suki Sou - A Tribute to Trish Keenan

Birmingham, 24.08.20

Focus on Trish Keenan, Broadcast

Suki Sou collects influences inspired by Trish Keenan and James Cargill from Broadcast, including the primitive electronics of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1970s public information films, Polish, Turkish, Romanian, and Russian surrealism, Moog organs, psychedelic folk, forgotten film soundtracks, and half-remembered children’s television shows sounds along with a few rare demos from the band.


  • Pierre Henry 
    Éblouissement De La Reine
  • Broadcast, The Focus Group 
    What I Saw
  • Eric Vann 
    Space Face
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey 
    Indicatif Spatial
  • Broadcast, The Focus Group 
    Intro / Magnetic Tales
  • Broadcast 
    Elegant Elephant
  • The Lover Of Life
  • Vladimir Cosma 
    Pavane Spatiale
  • Benedetto Ghiglia 
    El Suplicio
  • Ragunath Seth
    Warli Paintings
  • Tom Dissevelt 
  • Broadcast 
    Colour Me In
  • The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
    Tomorrow's World
  • Raymond Scott 
    "Portofino" 1
  • Алексей Рыбников
    Млечный путь
  • The Left Banke 
    Barterers And Their Wives
  • Truck 
    Earth Song
  • We All Together 
    Young People (Gente Joven)
  • You Come Rolling’ Cross My Mind
  • Broadcast, The Focus Group 
    Ritual / Looking In
  • Ennio Morricone 
    Fruscio Di Foglie Verdi
  • Signal Film 10
    1976 Ottawa International Animation Festival
  • Christopher Komeda 
    Main Title (Vocal)
  • James Harpham 
    Oriental Dolls
  • Idy Lynn 
    Up In My Mind
  • Benedetto Ghiglia 
  • Broadcast
    Tunnel View
  • Broadcast, The Focus Group 
    You Must Wake
  • The Little Folk 
    Jimmy Whalen
  • Doubling Riders
    Chinese Rain
  • Steve Thomsen 
    Emerald Pools
  • The Broadcast
    Man Is Not A Bird
  • Broadcast
    Tuesday’s Offering
  • İlhan Mimaroğlu
    Bowery Bum (Study After Jean Dubuffet)
  • Adagio En Sol Mineur
    Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet
  • Broadcast
    I’m Just A Person In This Roomy Verse