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Maria Somerville

Galway, 01.07.20

With Maria Somerville

Irish avant pop artist Maria Somerville traverses heady concepts through classic pop, ambient, experimental, spoken word, & field recordings.


  • Ami Dang 
    Satnam Waheguru
  • "Painting Rain" Themes And Influences
    Paula Meehan (Talk)
  • Claire Hamill 
  • Cindy Lee 
    Heavy Metal
  • Dean Blunt 
    Benidorm 3
  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland 
    Winter Astral
  • Les Rallizes Denudes
    But I Was Different
  • Nailah Hunter 
  • Norma Tenaga
    I'm Dreamin A Dream
  • Nashpaints 
    Found Myself
  • Rob Montgomery & Emily Johnston
    Fall Rise
  • Windy & Carl 
    Instrumental 1
  • Unknown
    Tuning Into The Elements With A Connemara Sage
  • Van Morrison 
    Evening Meditation
  • Lucrecia Dalt 
  • Astrid Sonne
    Infirmity Of Temper
  • R. Stevie Moore 
    I Go Into Your Mind
  • Pale Saints 
    Kinky Love
  • Brendan Jenkinson
    A Landmark Supreme
  • Paula Meehan (Talk)
    "Painting Rain" Themes And Influences