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Up The Beanstalk: Stressing Commuters


This is Stressing Commuters.

Up the Beanstalk responds to 'Commuters' (Koenig Books 2021), the latest book by artist and writer Toby Christian. Somewhere between a radio play and a guided meditation, this new transmission features readings and contributions from Pops Roberts, Johanna Hedva, Chiorstaidh Black, Setrus, Esther Dillner and Stuart McKenzie. Stressing Commuters first premiered at the ICA London in March 2023 as part of Up the Beanstalk's first live event.

[Artwork image by Jack Symes]


  • Oli XL 
    Rogue Idiot
  • Setrus
    Outs Lowdown
  • Stuart McKenzie
    Briefly Misunderstanding After Samuel R Delany
  • Big Gay Idiot DJ
    The Banging Bells Of Hell Poetry Slam
  • The Outsert
    Euro [Alex Capps Refix]
  • Aretha Franklin 
    This Bitter Earth
  • Adam Curtis
    Synth Dive
  • The KLF
    Brooklyn To Atlantic City
  • Setrus
  • Raime 
    See Through Me, I Dare You