Barb Wire Halo w/ H0TF1RE

Los Angeles, 11.11.19

From Gutter Punk to G-Funk this is Hotfire radio on NTS.


  • Xraided
    Attack Yo Bitch
  • Nationwide Rip Ridaz
    Nationwide Rip Ridaz
  • Dru Down feat. Yukmouth
    Rescue 911
  • Mitchy Slick
    Trigeration Station
  • 2nd II None
    If You Want It (Album Version)
  • Mad CJ Mac feat. Poppa LQ
    Come And Take A Ride
  • The Eastsidaz
  • G Perico feat. Polyester
    Gets My Staccs
  • Philty Rich
    East Oakland Legend
  • R.B.L. Posse
    Remind Me
  • Mac Dre
    Feelin Like That Nigga
  • Tsol
    Red Shadow
  • Minor Threat
    I Dont Wanna Hear It
  • Zero Boys
    Amphetamine Addiction
  • GBH
    Kids Get Down

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