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Hot Mess

London, 14.10.18

Babak Ganjei's monthly grunge and garage hangover rolls through with classics old and new, from Memphis to London, interspersed, of course, with totally irrelevant jokes and chat.


  • Ariel Pink 
    Death Patrol
  • David Thomas Broughton
  • 2.Camp X
    Ray...Whiteness Is A State Of Mind
  • 3. Alison Cotton
    A Tragedy In The Tithe Barn (Straight Into...)
  • 4. Reet Maff'l
    Ballad Of The Turner
  • 5. Gust De Meyer
    Casiowork 1.1.1 (Straight Into...)
  • 6. Nicole Campau
    New Fashion
  • 7. Greening Lambourne
    Risico (Straight Into...)
  • 8. Aliyah Hussain
  • . The Red Krayola
    Old Tom Thumb