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House Call

London, 23.02.20

Heavy vinyl records collector Dr. Kruger digs deep every other Sunday to bring soulful, funky and odd tunes from his crates straight to your home. Sometimes joined by a fellow crate digger/DJ of his choice, just tune in and let the doctor treat you.


  • The Natt Birchall Quartet
    Love Theme From "Spartacus"
  • Leon Thomas 
    The Creator Has A Masterplan
  • Rashaan Roland Kirk
  • Ralph Thomas 
  • Ratandeep Hemraj
    Birha Ki Maari Koi
  • Sokratis Vostkos Quartet
  • Syncro Jazz 
  • Juju 
    At Least We Have A Horizon Now
  • Yusef Lateef 
    Like It Is
  • Ramasandiran Somudundaram
    Hari Shiva
  • Mack Porter 
    Peace On You
  • Jeffmajors 
    Room 400