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Hung, Drawn & Quartered

London, 26.03.15

They should return to the place from whence they came, from thence be drawn to the common place of execution upon hurdles, and there to be hanged by the necks, then cut down alive, their privy-Members cut off, and bowels taken out to be burned before their faces, their Heads to be severed from their bodies, and their bodies divided into four parts, to be disposed of as the King should think fit.


  • Mkwaju Ensemble 
    Hot Air
  • Yoshi Wada 
    Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile
  • Tibetan Buddhist Rites From The Monsteries Of Bhutan
    Rite To Cure Disease, Chanted By Nuns
  • Pauline Oliveros 
    Rattlesnake Mountain
  • Dunya Yunis 
    Abu Zeluf
  • N/A
    Excerpt From Shamanic Healing
  • Tibetan Buddhist Rites From The Monsteries Of Bhutan
    In Praise Of Genyen
  • Jesse Hackett
    Rock Of Ages (Jesse Hackett Rework)
  • Hype Williams 
  • N. AE. 
    The Milky Way (Travel To The Confines Of Infinity)
  • Damian Valles 
    Ground Truth
  • Sunn O))) 
    Cry For The Weeper
  • Glossolalia
    Speaking In Other Tongues
  • SQÜRL 
    Spooky Action At A Distance
  • Hype Williams