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Immediate Hits w/ Dan Russell

Manchester, 25.04.20

Dan Russell from Manchester's very own trash-punks The Hipshakes steps into the NTS studio once a month for an hour long barrage of punk, DIY, garage and more…


  • The Fall 
    Hit The North
  • Buzzcocks 
    Love You More
  • The Kinks 
  • Holiday Ghosts
  • Dry Cleaning 
  • Monks 
    Oh How To Do Now
  • Jurassic 5 
    Jurass Finish First
  • That Which Crawls
    Bright Rock (Excerpt)
  • Cold Beat 
  • Soft Cell 
    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
  • Paul Haig 
  • Chlorine
    Fuzz Riddles (Excerpt)
  • Ice Cube 
    We Had To Tear This Mothafucka Up
  • Parquet Courts
    Borrowed Time (Snippet A)
  • Little Eva 
    Please Hurt Me
  • Parquet Courts
    Borrowed Time (Snippet B)
  • Television 
  • Parquet Courts
    Borrowed Time (Snippet C)
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain 
    Head On
  • New Order 
    Age Of Consent
  • Rod Stewart 
    Young Turks