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Ghost Notes Worldwide

London, 30.07.20

With impey

Tune into Ghost Notes Worldwide for that post-twilight sound. Night time music of all strains - grime, ballroom, club, occasional guest MCs but certain movement. Turn it loud.


  • Impey
  • Laurence Pike 
    New Normal
  • Afanassi Viebeg 
    Einsamer Reiter Bei Viel Sonne
  • Delroy Edwards
  • Carrousel 
    Oté Mayola
  • Bill Hurst 
  • Quasimoto 
    Jazz Cats Pt.1
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Chicken On The Dancefloor
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Coffee In Upper Clapton Seaside (Eastside Mix)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Secrets 2 Learn (Serious Mix)
  • Young Old Soul
  • Goya Gumbani & Kiina
    Same Strings, Pt. 1 Ft. Lojii
  • Meekz 
    Like Me
  • Kxledge
  • Impey
    New Strings (Pt 2)
  • Oliver Palfreyman
    Just A Taste/Just A Phase (Featuring George Riley)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    I Have This Date Tomorrow I Don’t Think I’m Gunna Go
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Something Up With 5G For Real
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    U Silly Person
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Homemade Gucci Socks
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Laughing But In First Person This Time
  • Nicky Soft Touch, DJ Polo & Lobby
    A Cameo Appearance In Your Film 4 An Evening
  • Children Of Zeus 
  • Pa Salieu
    Frontline (Instrumental)
  • Werkha 
    Generation X
  • O-Dessa
  • Jamal Moss 
    Gherkin 1
  • Acculated Sounds X TopDoggEmpire
  • Color Plus
    Both World
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Tiana Whatchu Doing Your On A Jetski With A 27 Year Old Kid
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    I Didn’t Wanna Talk About It Anyway (Deadbeat Mix)
  • Lobby
    Sailing Into Port (Nicky’s Buoyancy Mix)
  • Impey
    PO JAM
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    One Thousand Kisses Couldn’t Cure This Loneliness
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Peace, Love & Respect To Dogshaft
  • Ghetts
    Mozambique Ft. Jaykae, Moonchild Sanelly
  • Kromestar
    Rainy Days
  • Keeya Keys
  • Big Tobz
    Smoke Ft Dizzee Rascal (Instrumental)
  • Headie One 
    Rose Gold (XXXX Explicit)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Would You Read 2 Me In Bed Tho?
  • OG Lullabies
    Cold Light
  • Dean Blunt 
    The Redeemer
  • Mach Hommy 
    Wap Konn Jòj
  • Madvillain (Madlib mix) 
  • Jamal
    Insane Creation (Feat. Redman)
  • Group Home 
    Up Against Tha Wall (Getaway Car Mix)