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Ghost Notes Worldwide w/ Impey, O-Dessa & Nicky Soft Touch w/ Special Guest Kiina

London, 27.08.20

With impey

Tune into Ghost Notes Worldwide for that post-twilight sound. Night time music of all strains - grime, ballroom, club, occasional guest MCs but certain movement. Turn it loud.


  • Mansur Brown
    It’s My Time
  • Hector Plimmer feat. Alexa Harley 
  • Braxton Cook
    Shooting Star
  • Children of Zeus 
    Smoke With Me
  • Jodeci 
    Freakin' You (Remix 1)
  • Gyedu
    Blay Ambolley
  • Dur Dur Band
  • Jaga Jazzist 
    Spiral Era
  • Swamp Children 
  • Jovens Do Prenda
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Tommy U Gotta Sit In The Back Because U Been Naughty
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Not Vibes (No)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Hotshot Truckin
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    I Be Bleepin All Mufuckin Day
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    The Moon Is Unbearable Much Like The Sun (Feat. Muz)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Jay Van See And The One Green Coat
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    I Cleaned Out The Grinder Yeah With A Fucking Knife Yeah
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Getting Lifted Af On A Sunday Morning
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Untitled Sunday Beat In Rents Kitchen