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Ghost Notes Worldwide w/ Nicky Soft Touch

London, 27.06.24

With impey, Nicky Soft Touch

Tune into Ghost Notes Worldwide for that post-twilight sound. Night time music of all strains, with blunted R&B and hip hop instrumentals, neo-downtempo productions, slow jams, and hazy dancefloor sounds.


  • AFTA-1 
    Love Suite #1
  • Davishmar
    A Rose Blooms In Chaos
  • Space Afrika 
    Wanna Know
  • C Idos
  • Robert Wyatt 
    Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road
  • Accident Du Travail 
    Le Noir Pays
  • Tortoise 
  • African Head Charge 
    Crocodile Shoes
  • Squirrel Bait 
    Sun God
  • Iya Shillelagh
    Scyatta (Nicky’s Jazz Drum Roll Version)
  • Marine Girls 
    Leave Me With The Boy
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Tascam Criminals
  • Voiceactor
  • Lo.S.O
    Flatspot (Feat. Birthmark)
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Rarely Lookin Up
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Untitled CL
  • Cleaners From Venus 
    The Artichoke That Loved Me
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Lemme Light That Shit I Dont Care Bout Fed
  • Iya Shillelagh
    Out Ere As A Outlaw (Nicky’s Jazz Mix)
  • Impey & Kevin JZ Prodigy
    Give It To Me (Chronic Fatigue Mix)
  • Amber London 
    Got It - The Interlude
  • Stone
    Sewer Music
  • OutKast feat. Cee-Lo 
    Slum Beautiful
  • R.A.P. Ferreira 
    east nashville
  • Sean Price & Roc Marciano
  • Mach-Hommy 
    Sur Le Pont D'Avignon (Reparation #1)
  • Nala Sinephro 
    Space 2
  • Dip Friso 
    Another Country
  • untitled (halo) 
    El Prado Freestyle
  • Kevin 
    Cloud Cover
  • dummy tree 
    Room of Ladders
  • Ice Spice 
    In Ha Mood
  • Pulse X25k
    Basement -2
  • Conna Haraway
    Cortisol (With Sensational)
  • Opheliaxz
  • Iya Shillelagh
    ReGeneration (Nicky’s Hole Dig Flip)