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NTS Guide to: Occult Folk

London, 31.10.23

Songs to sing at the cemetery, the haunted house, the lip of the cauldron: gothic and occultist themed folk sounds from the '70s,'80s and '90s by Carola Baer, Vazz, The Fates and others.

Collection: Halloween


  • Louise Huebner 
    Orgies - A Tool Of Witchcraft
  • Tamia 
  • Dorothy Carter 
    Along The River
  • Vazz 
    You Haunt Me
  • Jack Or Jive 
    Walk Against The Wind
  • The Fates 
    Who Am I?
  • Barbara, The Gray Witch 
    Witch's Love Song
  • The Fates 
    She Beats In My Heart
  • Skinnerbox
    Proud Flesh
  • Broadcast 
    Teresa, Lark Of Ascension
  • Linda Smith 
    The Cemetery Song
  • Thistle 
    Circle Star
  • The Death And Beauty Foundation
    Song Of The Houseproud Ghost
  • Carola Baer 
    Doors Talk
  • Barbara, The Gray Witch
    Black Necessities (Excerpt)