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Ghost Notes Worldwide w/ Imus & F17

London, 28.07.22

With impey

Tune into Ghost Notes Worldwide for that post-twilight sound. Night time music of all strains, with blunted R&B and hip hop instrumentals, neo-downtempo productions, slow jams, and hazy dancefloor sounds.


  • Timing's End
    Rebecca Vasmant
  • Irreversible Entanglements 
    Open The Gates
  • The MIMIKOTO Project
    Blackbird's Philosophy (Part II)
  • Madteo 
    Since Man Crawled Out Of The Slime
  • The Moody Boyz 
    Shango (Pray To The Thunder God)
  • Keith LeBlanc 
    Heaven On Earth
  • Maga Bo feat. Alexandre Garnizé (Dengue Dengue Dengue! mix) 
    Ilu De Oyá (Dengue Dengue Dengue Congobow Remix)
  • Dites Safran 
  • Mayurashka 
    Miyabi Noboru
  • Tamburi Neri
    Hashiru Feat. Hiroko
  • Lerosa 
  • Terrain 
  • DJ Nobu
  • ULV 
    ULV For Ultra Low Velocity
  • Raudive 
    Slowing Time
  • Takayuki Shiraishi 
    The Dark Horizon (Re)
  • Ancient Lights Feat. Flow Dan
    Crash Landing
  • British Ivory Trade
    2 Nanks, A Range Rover Sport And A Sausage Dog
  • Dobie
    Ripley’s Theme
  • Hal Wilmer
    Whoop’s I’m Indian
  • Josi Devil
    Breathe Easy
  • Ehua 
  • Nosync
  • Neuroshima (Ground Control mix) 
    Headspace (Ground Control Mix)
  • Dan Fun
    Untitled B1
  • Moodymann 
    LiveInLA 1998
  • Spacer 
    Cursory Rub
  • Rum N Black
    Fuck The Legal Stations (Remix)
  • DJ Carl Cox 
    I Want You (Forever) (Edit)
  • Pev (Tessela mix) 
    Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)
  • Stones Taro
    To Rave (Farsight Remix)
  • Mr Wait
    Jammz (Holloway Remix)
  • Mrsk 
    Less Youth (Culture Mix)
  • Lory D 
    Acid Prastix
  • Model 500 
    The Chase (Smooth Mix)
  • Nerine Pallot
    Alien (Howie B Remix)
  • Nosync
    JCB Trak
  • Hagan 
  • Tano
    Where Did You Go?
  • Pluralist 
  • Pangea
  • Frisco
    Hussle Hard