In Flames

London, 30.11.19

Ruby & Josephine are In Flames. Between their eclectic NTS Show and regular parties, they bring pure fire and madness to the dance floor. Expect to contort yourself to the sounds of post-punk, post-funk and freaky disco vibes. No rules. Pure fun.


  • Victor Romero Evans
    At The Club
  • Little Roy
    Come As You Are
  • Unknown Gender
    The Beast
  • Lijadu Sisters
  • Ramsey 2C-3D
    Fly Guy And The Unemployed
  • Out Hud
    One Life To Leave
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Title
  • LNR
    Work It To The Bone (Original Version)
  • Detroit In Effect
    In Yo Face
    Voodoo Pussy

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