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In Focus: 亲爱的艾洛伊丝 Dear Eloise

BEIJING, 17.11.23

Focus on Dear Eloise

Beijing's best kept secret, the alt rock band Dear Eloise was born sometime in 2007, the project of husband and wife duo Yang Haisong and Sun Xia, former vocalist and bassist from the Chinese rock band P.K.14.

"Let’s imagine a picture in which the stars scald the sky and we crouch down on the lawn, stretching out our necks putting pressure on our knees. We look up to the dim but exciting glimmer, which hurts our eyes. Will we then cry?

The world you imagine is very far away. It resembles a fading cigarette end or a scar… If you can find meaning to my voice, then you can comprehend this fairy tale. Get out of the fluttering dream, dear Eloise. I am going to take you to a lively and awesome place where there are castles and festivals and days go by with a roar "