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In Focus: Giggs

London, 10.07.20

Focus on Giggs

A totemic figure in UK rap, South London's Giggs has continually bucked trends, forging his own path through the industry. His vocal delivery, a slow, low, and surgically precise, was at odds to the fiery intensity of his contemporaries in grime, but has set him apart, and ensured his position as one of the UK's best MCs.

Check out two hours of Giggs' best tracks on this In Focus.


  • Giggs 
    Ice Cream (Master & Universe)
  • Giggs 
  • Giggs 
    You Raised Me
  • Giggs Ft Wretch 32
    Gwop Expenses
  • Giggs
    Track 38
  • Giggs
    Track 07
  • Giggs
    What’s All The Gossip About
  • Giggs Ft Young Thug & Lil Duke
    Gangsters Dancers
  • Hollowman, Giggs 
  • Giggs Ft Blade Brown
    Take It Back
  • Hollowman, Giggs 
  • 67 Ft Giggs
    Let’s Lurk
  • JME Ft Giggs
    Man Don’t Care
  • Giggs 
    Talkin The Hardest
  • Giggs, Blade Brown 
    Killzone (Master & Universe)
  • Giggs
    Track 01
  • Giggs 
    Fuck Da Industry
  • Giggs
    Track 20
  • Giggs feat. Rico Love 
    Of Course
  • Da Beatfreakz Ft Giggs
    Swingin In Da Whip
  • Drake Ft Giggs
  • Giggs 
    Just Swervin
  • Giggs
    Morning Afternoon
  • Giggs 
  • Danny Weed, O.T.B., SN1 
    Up In The Shoobz
  • Giggs 
    Hustle On
  • Giggs 
    Look What The Cat Dragged In
  • SN1
    Spare No One
  • Giggs 
  • Giggs feat. Donae'o 
    Lock Doh
  • Giggs Ft Donaeo
  • Giggs & Dubz
    Soldier Rhythm
  • Giggs 
    Monsta Man
  • Giggs 
    The Essence
  • Kyzer, Gigz, Joe Grind 
  • Giggs Ft J.Melo
    Make It Look Good
  • Giggs, Gunna 
    We Do This All Day
  • Giggs 
    Look What The Cat Dragged In
  • Giggs
    Track 31
  • Hollowman, Giggs 
    Set It Off
  • Giggs Ft Dave
  • Capo, Killa Ki, Giggs, Billy, T.Boost 
  • Giggs 
    Get Your Money Up