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In Focus: Jim Jarmusch

New York, 02.07.19

Focus on Jim Jarmusch

Over the course of a 30+ year career and 15 feature films, it's been music, more than anything, that forms the life blood of film director Jim Jarmusch's work. From the kitsch proto-shock rock of Screaming Jay Hawkins' "I Put A Spell On You" which radiates through the story of 1984's Stranger Than Paradise, to Tom Waits' 'Jockey Full Of Bourbon', which soundtracks the iconic opening of Down By Law, Jarmusch's carefully curated tracks serve as plot devices as unique and potent as the characters themselves.

This In Focus is a two hour journey through the smoky, intrigue filled world of Jim Jarmusch, compiled by Fergus McDonald (Hung, Drawn & Quartered)