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In Focus: Lenky

Kingston, 28.02.20

Steven "Lenky" Marsden is a Jamaican-born music producer and musician who specializes primarily in dancehall reggae music. He also arranges and remixes pop and hip hop songs. Marsden is the founder of the Jamaica-based label, 40/40 Records and was a former member of singjay Buju Banton's band.

Felix Hall puts together a high energy hour of his finest productions for this In Focus.


  • Lenky 
    Instrumental Z2010
  • Lenky And Sly
    Now Thing Instrumental
  • Sean Paul 
    Report To We
  • Mad Cobra
    Watchie Pum
  • Tony Curtis And Future Troubles
    Smoke The Weed
  • Lenky And Frenchie
    Space Invaders Instrumental
  • Mr. Vegas 
    Got To Be Me
  • Mr Vegas
    Pressure Dem
  • Chico
    I Go Wild
  • Buju Banton 
    Heads Roll
  • Mr Vegas 
    Gal Dem A Penny Me
  • Chico 
    Fris Bee
  • Tanto Metro And Devonte
    Girls Ready
  • Lenky And Frenchie
    Bad Moda Instrumental
  • T.O.K. 
    Hot Gal Crew
  • Future Troubles
    Bad Modafucker
  • Chico
    One Man Alone
  • Lenky And Frenchie
    Desert Storm Riddim
  • Razah
    One Life To Live
  • Mad Cobra 
    Hands Up There
  • Lenky
    Synthetic Instrumental
  • Vybz Kartel 
    Red Eye
  • Zumjay, Red Rat 
    The System
  • Elephant Man 
    So High
  • Bling Dawg 
    Gold Digger
  • Lenky
    Time Travel Instrumental
  • Assassin
    Roll In
  • Wayne Marshall 
    Taking The Music
  • Vybz Cartel 
    Send On
  • Chrissy D
    Share My Dreams
  • Bounti Killa 
    Many Gal
  • Lenky
    Masterpiece 2.5 Instrumental
  • Sean Paul 
    Ever Blazing
  • Bounty Killer 
    Raging Storm
  • Assasin 
    The Answer
  • Lenky 
    Diwali Rhythm
  • Lumidee 
    Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)
  • T.O.K
    Top A Tappa
  • Assassin 
    Ruffest & Tuffest
  • Spragga Benz 
    Gonna Fight
  • Bounty Killa 
  • Wayne Wonder 
    No Letting Go
  • Assassin 
    God Bless
  • Sean Paul
    Legalise It
  • Bling Dawg 
    Ain't Scared
  • Chico
    No Change
  • Lenky 
    Dream Weaver (Instrumental)
  • Bounty Killer 
    Hot Like Fire
  • Chico 
    Thick & Thin
  • Capleton 
    Heated Rush