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In Focus: Ricardo Villalobos

Santiago, 10.08.19

Focus on Ricardo Villalobos

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1973, Ricardo Villalobos soon fled with his family to Germany following General Pinochet's military coup. While living in Germany, he was exposed to the country's nascent house scene, and soon became involved himself, DJing at at parties as a student. Following a few false starts, Villalobos starting DJing professionally in 1998 and became a figurehead of a nebulous group of artists playing stripped back & minimal house music - a style which dominated European dance music for almost a decade. Following minimal's decline in popularity, Villalobos remains a legendary figure in dance music, famous for marathon length sets full of playful detours and unexpected surprises.

This In Focus is two hours of music from the crown trickster of house, curated by 150 Session's ML.