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In Focus: Julius Eastman

Baltimore, 02.04.21

Focus on Julius Eastman

“What I am trying to achieve is to be what I am to the fullest,” he said in a 1976 interview. “Black to the fullest, a musician to the fullest, a homosexual to the fullest.”

Two hours of groundbreaking US contemporary classical from the late Julius Eastman.


  • Julius Eastman 
    Stay On It
  • Julius Eastman, Joseph Cuber
    Piano 2, Movement 2
  • Kukuruz Quartet, Julius Eastman 
  • Meredith Monk
    Dolmen Music: Overture And Men's Conclave / Wa-Ohs / Rain / Pine Tree Lullaby / Calls / Conclusion
  • Julius Eastman 
    Evil Nigger
  • Julius Eastman 
    Gay Guerrilla
  • Interview Excerpt Between Julius Eastman & Marie Cieri
    At The Walker Art Center For The New Music America Festival, 1980
  • Julius Eastman
    Creation (Extract) Live From The International Service Of Belgium Radio, 1973
  • Julius Eastman 
    Joy Boy
  • Arthur Russell 
    Tower Of Meaning
  • Dinosaur L 
    Go Bang!
  • Peter Gordon 
    Inside The Nuclear Power Plant (From "Bird Of The Poet" Act 1)
  • Julius Eastman, S.E.M. Ensemble
    Femenine, Live At The Arts Centre On The Campus Of The Academy Of The Holy Names, 1974