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Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan - Low Tech Progressive Rock

Detroit, 27.08.20

Join John Olson (aka Inzane Johnny, of Wolf Eyes) and music writer Rich Tupica as they mined deep into Michigan's wilderness of sounds. No private press rarity is off limits: soul, gospel, oddities, punk, experimental, rockabilly, and garage rock. It's all unearthed. Strap in for an insanely bizarre ride across the Great Lakes State.


  • Tulsa City Truckers 
  • Curtis Remington
    Electric Walleye
  • Fowle, Foster & Briggs 
  • The Black Rose 
    Man Is Blind
  • Northern Star 
    Battlefield Bus Stop
  • Gryphon 
    You Really Need Me There
  • In His Service Band
    The Answer/ The Change-
  • Flywheel 
  • Round Trip Ticket
    Super Rock
  • Total Energy 
    Tell Me
  • Chain 
    Down & Wired
  • The Black Narcosis 
  • October
    After The Fall
  • Strange Fruit Abiku
    Accept By Death