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Italian Masters w/ Lele Sacchi - Mauro Malavasi

Milan, 23.05.19

Focus on Mauro Malavasi

Milan DJ Lele Sacchi honours the masters of the Italian musical tradition in a special series of shows.


  • Change 
  • HIGH FASHION ‘Feelin’ Lucky Lately’
    Capitol, 1982
  • Macho 
    I'm A Man
    Fly With The Wind
  • My Mine 
    Hypnotic Tango
  • Tony Esposito 
    Kalimba De Luna
  • Enzo Avitabile 
    Mamma Che Caos
  • Change 
    A Lover's Holiday
  • Change 
    The Glow Of Love
  • The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band 
    On The Beat
  • Zinc 
    This Is Where The Love Is
  • Change 
  • Cube 
    Two Heads Are Better Than One
  • Ritchie Family 
    I'll Do My Best (RD Remix)
  • Change 
    The Very Best In You