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Blues 2000 w/ J Whitemare & Wet Mind Skills aka Rico Booker

Oakland, 07.12.21

Journey thru the lost / deleted backroads of American music of the last 25 years mainly r&b / gospel / rap from private issue cassettes, CDs, CD-Rs and the internet, from artists who kept their day jobs but maybe paved the way at least in spirt for today’s artists who quit theirs.


  • Chris Marsol
  • Nick G
  • Native
  • Ralph Gordon 
    Mia Island
  • Stan Toval
    Angle Eyes
  • Spike & Pops
    Lookin' For
  • Angelo Feel Good And The Sounds Of Universal Healing
    Bone Phone
  • J.F. McCormick III
    Paradise Regained
  • Voices From Lockdown
    Prisoner Excerpt
  • Inspired By The Lord
    Walk With The Lord (Rmx Excerpt)
  • Treble Clef
    Smooth Water Fall
  • Shima 
    Stop In The Name Of Love
  • Inga McDaniel
    Broken Hearted
  • Al Hebert
    Jean's Song
  • Xavier J. Howell Jr.
    C'mon Star
  • L.P. Reynolds & The Argonauts
    Fleet Destination
  • Amon
    A'lize (Rap Mix)
  • Luscious Music
    Private Eyes
  • Daniel W/Gebriel 
    Ayniema Wedajsh