Live now

James Rene

Los Angeles, 19.11.21

A monthly trek into the unknown with local artist and collector James Rene.


  • Joe Holiday 
    Rock Around The Clock
  • The Roadrunners 
    Little Things
  • Hayday
    Mental Revenge
  • The Boards feat. Danny Commando, Tommy Obsession 
    Ready To Kill
  • Spirit Rock
    Go For Broke
  • David And Jude 
    You Decide
  • Sister & Sister
    Dancing In The Dark
  • Randy Rampage 
    The Last Song
  • The Tix
    Goochi Poochi
  • Razar 
    Over And Over
  • Spirit Celebration
    We’ve Got It
  • Dave Plaehn 
    Not Bound To Lose
  • Fredrick Michael St. Jude
    One More Day
  • Atlantis
    Down By The River