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London, 13.11.15

Orsii and Jazzman Gerald present Jazzman, a selection of new Jazzman releases and sounds from the '50s to the '90s including modal jazz, spiritual jazz, Latin jazz, popcorn, deep funk, northern soul, greasy RnB and maybe even the odd tittyshaker.


  • Wredd Wrewster
    In The Funk Latin Bag
  • Nancy Adams 
    Love Is
  • Boulou
  • Beartrice Arnac
    Athee Ou A Te
  • Blossom Dearie 
    I'm Hip
  • Joya Sherrill 
    Desdemona's Lament
  • Zena Ayo 
    Long Long Gone
  • Tommie Jeane Whitley 
    Leave My Heart
  • Celina Y Reutilio 
    El Hijo de Elegua
  • Jack Costanzo 
    Pharoahs Curse
  • Ester Philips
    In The Mood For Love
  • Bobby Peak Imperials 
    Night Rock
  • Dave Grundy Combo 
    Green Onions
  • Cosmo 
    I'm A Little Mixed Up
  • The Gaylords 
    My Babe
  • Tulalah 
    And Yet It Moves
  • Lime Flight 
    Save The People
  • Heaven & Earth
    Feel The Spirt
  • J.J. Jackson 
    Indian Thing
  • The Fantastics
  • The Five Flames
  • Gold Stars 
    Hot Tamale
  • Gigolo's
    Killer Joe
  • George Paul
  • Rusco Weathers
    The Bob White Bird
  • Art Pepper 
    The Trip
  • Walt Bolen 
    Peace Chant
  • Johnny Sparrow 
    Guess Who?
  • Jo Barbra
    Fried Rice
  • Walt Boylan
    Lion Hunt