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Getting Warmer w/ Jen Monroe

New York, 24.11.21

Jen Monroe writes the album download blog Listen To This!, which focuses on Japanese and new age records: Listen to This


  • David Sylvian 
    Preparations For A Journey
  • Dory Previn 
    Mama Mama Comfort Me
  • Muslimgauze 
    Sapere Aude
  • Viola Renea 
    Chariot Of Palace
  • Mabe Fratti Ft. Claire Rousay
    Hacia El Vacío
  • Edson Natale 
    Nina Maika
  • Lucille Starr 
    Wooden Heart
  • Larry Chernicoff 
    Woodstock, New York
  • Svitlana Nianio & Alexander Yurchencko
  • Unknown Artist
    Siciliana (Comp. Ottorino Respighi)
  • Daniel Lentz 
    Midnight White
  • Uakti 
  • John Cage
  • Chas Smith 
    October '68
  • Osnabrücker Jugendchor
    Tibi Soli (Comp. Gregorio Allegri)
  • Passengers 
    A Different Kind Of Blue
  • David Sylvian 
    Silver Moon Over Sleeping Steeples