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Jim O'Rourke

Tokyo, 17.02.22

With Jim O'Rourke

Avant-garde musician and composer Jim O'Rourke pulls stops by once a month, pulling an hour of picks from his extensive record collection.


  • Mark Shreeve 
    Thoughts Of War - Part One
  • John Butcher 
    Sympathetic Magic (Stone)
  • Toshiro Mayazumi
  • Bengt Berger, Kjell Westling 
    Ad Libido
  • Arne Nordheim 
    Ode To Light
  • Anima
    Duo 1 Lungau
  • Steve Lacy
    The Twain
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen 
    Gesang Der Jünglinge
  • The Chitenous Ensemble
    De Blonck
  • Univers Zéro 
    Before The Heat
  • Steve Tibbets
    Black Temple
  • Carsten Elbro 
    Contrapunctus 1
  • Keith Jarret
    Personal Mountains
  • Tom Nehls 
    Clean Air