Weekend Read w/ Jonah Rabb

Los Angeles, 03.10.19

Every month Jonah Rabb brings you Weekend Read, an hour of funk, house, contemporary R&B, and more.


  • Insane & D-Mac
    Another Day In The Life
  • Jodeci
    Pump It Back
  • Danny Boy
    Slip N’ Slide
  • The-Dream
    Mr. Yeah
  • Sweetback
  • Trellini
    Stay With Me
  • Shirley Brown
    Female Player
  • Kleeer
    Lay Ya Down Ez
  • Adriana Evans
    Seein' Is Believing (Album Version)
  • Carrie Lucas
    Hello Stranger
  • Smokey Robinson And The Miracles
    Ohh Baby Baby
  • D. J. Rogers
    Faithful To The End

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