Live now

Out the Flat Plays God

London, 16.07.18

With Jonny Trunk

The Jonny behind Trunk Records brings some of his wares down once a month. Songs about God, weird Beatles covers, library music, odd numbers and more…


  • Basil Kirchin Is My Friend
    Kitchen Kirchen Excerpt
  • Guaranteed Raw 
    Get A Load Of This (Instrumental)
  • KMFH
  • Andrés 
    Skate This Way
  • Romanthony
    Unknown Track
  • John Swing 
    Wear And Tear
  • R.S.H. 
    Laughing While Intoxicated (Dope House Mix)
  • N.Y House'n Authority
    APart 1a
  • Omar S. Detroit 
    My Naffew Randy
  • Rasoul
  • Cool Calm & Collective
    Massai Dub Style
  • Alexander Robotnick Ft Stefano Cocco Cantini
    Afrikan Cola
  • Was (Not Was) 
    Wheel Me Out
  • The Utopia Project 
    File #1
  • Index 
    Give Me A Sign (House Mix)
  • Mandy Smith 
    Mandy`s Theme (I Just Can`t Wait) Part1 (The Cool And Breezy Jazz Mix)
  • E-Culture 
    Tribal Confusion (Inhalation Mix)
  • Head High 
    Megatrap (Real Mix)
  • Subwoofer
    The Bomb Dub
  • Los Jugaderos 
    Let Me Down Easy
  • Liberty City 
    Some Lovin'
  • G.T.O. 
    Pure (Pure Energy)
  • Bizarre Tracks 
    Sensory Delight