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Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith Presents: TouchThePlants w/ Cy Gorman

Los Angeles, 15.05.23

With Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Cool Maritime

Composer and modular synth expert Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith presents TouchThePlants on NTS' Los Angeles studio once a month for a round-up of favourites and inspirations from her label TouchThePlants.

As the founder of the tech-wellbeing startup, Nurobodi, Cy’s work bridges technology, design, and holistic health using a combination of embodied practices and tech-based harmonic ‘fine-tuning’ methodologies to entrain the mind-body towards transformative heightened or altered states. Cy is also signed to the boutique Melbourne music label Heard and Felt and with organic release support from BBC (UK) & KCRW (USA) for his recent album 'Hiwave'. His music has been described, among other things, as "Thundercat discovering Buddhism and Artificial Intelligence at the same time". Cy prefers to call this 'Hiwave'

Cy Gorman's interdisciplinary collaborative creative practice focuses on the design and development of site-specific audiovisual resonance environments. Modalities of applied skills include systems analyisis, interaction design, multimedia installation, live or pre-produced video environments, creative lighting environments, projection mapping, sound design, and dance-fllm making. As an interdisciplinary arts collaborator he has worked with Chunky Move, Stephanie Lake, and Tony Yap, and his work as a maker/director has featured on separate occasions in France and Bangladesh at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit.

Cy's work as an academic and researcher includes the design, development and application of AI-ethics interaction, aesthetic vs anti-aesthetic experiences with a focus on multisensory perception within digital or interactive environments and transformative colour-resonance environments. His research is realized through theory, creative practice and real-world problem-solving through design. He is a researcher, course designer, and lecturer at RMIT Melbourne for the Bachelor of Digital Media Design in the creative applications of blockchain, immersive audiovisual techniques, and 360 audiovisual design for XR.

CG projects can be found on the following sites:

Nurobodi (Future Harmonics) Startup: Dance Film Projects: Creative Collaboration Projects: More Music Releases:


Instagram: @cy.gorman Twitter: @cygorman


  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    Chromolume Part 3
  • Elsa Hewitt
    Let Us In
  • Matsuri No Ato
    Noda Yuki
  • Cedric Noel
    But Can You Dance In Water?
  • Michele Mercure 
  • Aja
  • Rimarimba 
    The One That Got Away
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  • Yun Saja
    Ustad Ghulam Ali
  • S.Costa
    Point Arena
  • Palmbomen II 
    Forever Afsluitdijk
  • Nova
    Fushia Major
  • Felbm
  • Michael Wall
    Lonely Ride Back to Parchman
  • Matmos 
  • Danial Aged
    Home Lost
  • Cy Gorman
  • Jane 
    It's A Fine Day
  • Cy Gorman
    Honouring the Flowers Without Question
  • Cy Gorman
    Give Way
  • Cy Gorman
    In Love With (Feat. Ria Soemardjo)
  • Iman Omari
  • mndsgn 
  • Romare 
    Quiet Corners Of My Mind
  • Kimmo, Relyae, ROHO, SCayos, Sem0r, Shuko
    Daylight Remix
  • Moore Kismet, WYN
  • Jaca Beats
    Weird baile não morreu
  • KAYTRANADA, Thurdercat
    Be Careful (Feat Thundercat)
  • Peter Sivo Band
    Born to Reminisce
  • Dominique Dumont
    La Bataille De Neige
  • The Sweet Enoughs 
    Dream Puppy
  • Cy Gorman