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New York, 04.05.21

With KeiyaA

Guest mix by my friend / multidisciplinary artist A²Z ! @kissingtherain

A²Z, also known as Akeema-Zane, is an Afro-Caribbean artist and researcher based in NYC who centers the literary, cinematic and sonic traditions in her practice. She’s a dear friend of mine and am honored to hold a space for her sharing.


  • Tuareg Medicinal Chant (Mali)
    Tuareg Medicinal Chant (Mali)
  • Cecil Taylor 
  • Recorded On Jan 4, 2021, Sonng Unidentified
    Voice Memo 239
  • Puniya Ramkissoon And Gaspirillo Ladies Group
    Bacchanal Wedding
  • Shadow 
  • Chinese Laundry 
  • Ralph MacDonald (Snydrum And All Percussion); Idris Muhammad (Log Drums) ; Jimi Solanke (Spoken Voice); Chorus : Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masakela, Busie Dlamini, Samual Hiatshwayo, Alfred Lerefolo, Thembi Mtshali, Simon Nkosi, Linda Tshabalala, Junior Tshabalala
    The Path (Part I)
  • Tenesha The Wordsmith feat. Daniel B Summerhill 
    Dream So Loud
  • Mumia Abu Jamal 
    Media Is A Mirage
  • Recorded On February 21, 2021 * Akeema-Zane On Keyboard
    Voice Memo 266
  • Barraco Barner
    Seneca Village
  • Excerpt From Recitation Of Michelle Wallace’s “"Anger In Isolation: A Black Feminist's Search For Sisterhood," By Akeema-Zane
    Voice Memo 245
  • *Akeema-Zane On Keyboard (Mind Blowing Decisions), April 30, 2021
    Voice Memo 307
  • Poev Vannary X Coco Mango
    ហួសហើយបង / Hous Huey Bong
  • Pink Siifu 
    Black Be Tha God, NEGRO.(wisdom.cipher) all praises to ALLAH, A Lady
  • Amel Larrieux 
    Searchin' For My Soul
  • Crai
    Mani Pedi Mo
  • Richard Pryor 
    Bicentennial Prayer
  • Mckinney's Cotton Pickers 
    Cotton Picker's Scat
  • The Huck-A-Bucks 
    Get Down
  • Vcvl
    Bonus Garbage
  • Meshell Ndegeocello 
  • Akeema-Zane On Keyboard, March 28, 2021
    Voice Memo 284
  • Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou 
  • Phillipa Schuyler
    Four Little Pieces
  • The Watts Prophets 
  • Ruddy Simbal 
    A So The System Work
  • *Akeema-Zane Recording Of Sunday Kitchen Cleaning + Radio Programming
    Voice Memo 267
  • Eddie Kendricks 
    One Of The Poorest People
  • Mia Wright-Ross)
    Untitled- Akeema-Zane (Excerpt From “A Moment To Breathe” Exhibition
  • Amani
    The Cravings
  • Percy Sledge 
    Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms)
  • Akeema-Zane * Excerpt From Collaborative Performance With Rena Anakwe
  • Phillis Dillon, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics 
    Don't Touch My Tomato
  • Vicky Sue Robinson
  • EOM
    What Do I Have To Do (Instrumental)
  • Akeema-Zane
    Out Of Caste