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London, 28.06.22

With Scientific Dreamz Of U, Junior Loves

A transmission both sonically and emotionally imbued with "Deep Heart". Junior Loves implores you to transgress body image and/or language via energy bonds, forged in a celestial furnace of passion. We see no horizon, and so simply ask you to grow, love and share in the caress of liquid time flowing backwards over your skin.


  • Lord Superior
    Diab Malaise
  • Lara Sarkissian Ft. Mesrop
  • Afro Davii & Chumx
    Powerpuff Girls
  • Umpa
    Bi Cowan
  • Griffit Vigo
    Shake The Ground
  • Bruno Slu X Ambi
    Sock It Already
  • Lavaman
    Jab Live On
  • Poundshop
    Wicker Man
  • Jayda
  • Normal Nada The Krakmaker
    The Cure
  • Temptress
    Ah Doh Have
  • Ice Underlord
    Crack Music
  • Slatta
    Jab Stay Dan
  • Towa Hill
    De Horna Man
  • Jab King
    Rum, Guinness, Peanut
  • Party Animals 
    Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix)
  • Mr Killa
    Run Wid It
  • Olatunji
    Mad Up In This
  • Bulma
    Zoom (No Boy Edit)
  • Xao 
    Blades // Savants
  • Lavaman
    What U Up On
  • Cookiee Kawaii
    Vibe Pt 2
  • Rizzla
    Fucking Fascist (Emily Glass Edit)
  • Lavaman & Mr Legz HT
    Head Or Tail
  • DJ Isaac 
    Bad Dreams
  • Squeeze Head X Lil Natty
  • Jab Nut & Smokie
    Take Jab
  • Metal Preyers 
    The Preying Well