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Kit Grill

London, 11.10.20

With Kit Grill

Kit Grill presents a monthly excursion into music from around the world. Sunday, monthly, 2-3pm GMT.


  • The Knife 
    Still Light
  • Helado Negro 
    We Will You
  • Transdance
    Night Moves
  • 52nd Street 
    Cool As Ice
  • Fatal Error 
    Fatal Error
  • Ultra Ego
    Remote Control
  • Martin Dupont 
    I Met The Beast
  • John Maus 
    Rock The Bone
  • Kit Grill
  • Black Marble 
    Iron Lung
  • OPN
    Long Road Home
  • Brian Eno 
    From The Same Hill
  • The Philipians
    Never Say What You Want
  • Talk Talk 
    New Grass