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Kit Records

London, 18.08.19

Every two weeks Kit Records founder Richard Greenan offers a tropical hangover tonic of off-beam electronics, weird field recordings and feel good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.


  • Charlemagne Palestine, Z'ev 
    Duo C / Z #1
  • Plinth 
  • John Adams 
    Phrygian Gates
  • ***Start Of Martha Hviid Mix***
    ***Start Of Martha Hviid Mix***
  • Woo
    Words Out
  • Ivor Cutler, Linda Hirst 
    Look At The Moon
  • New Musik 
    The Planet Doesn't Mind
  • Anne-Tina 
    Starter På En Frisk
  • James Pants 
    Ice Castles Intro
  • Jacob Samuel
    Self Care
  • Sultan Shakes 
  • Rhonchi
  • Amanda
    Hello, How Are You?
  • Eola 
    Take My Breath Away
  • Todd Rundgren 
    Healing - Part I
  • Lightening
    Caribbean Sunset
  • Cocteau Twins 
    Cherry-Coloured Funk
  • Infinite Body 
    On Our Own To Fall Off
  • Diana Ross 
    Have Fun Again
  • Joey Gilmore 
    Time To Get With It
  • Robert Cervera Amblar
    More Wind
  • Sam Wilkes 
  • N.Y. Tax Department
    Waiting Tone
  • Ja Ja Ja 
    Habt Nicht Mehr Angst!
  • ESG 
    It's Alright
  • Section 25 
    Be Brave
  • Peter Kardas 
    Words For You
  • Kristin Oppenheim
    Tap Your Shoes
  • Tuca 
  • Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers 
    Morning Of Our Lives
  • Fallen Angels 
    Hey Susie
  • Reverbarium
    Page 26
  • ***End Of Martha Hviid Mix***
    ***End Of Martha Hviid Mix***
  • Holger Czukay 
    Persian Love
  • Radiohead 
  • John Adams 
    Shaker Loops
  • Punk Sheep On Drugs 
  • Vanishing Twin 
    Invisible World
  • Jonathan Crossley, Reza Khota & Jonno Sweetman