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Early Bird Residency - Sui Zhen

Melbourne, 16.12.20

With Sui Zhen

Hour long explorations with Melbourne experimental pop producer & artist Sui Zhen.


  • Caterina Barbieri, Kali Malone 
    Glory (Final Movement)
  • Alabaster DePlume 
    Visit Croatia
  • Haunted 
    Sea Glass
  • Phillipe Entremont
    Gymnopedie No.2
  • Robin Guthrie, Harold Budd 
    Perfect Fire
  • Durutti Column
    Storm For Steve
  • Mikey Young 
  • Cashew & Sprinks
    Buchla & Cycles 07.07.2020
  • Jan Van Den Broeke
    Lost To The World
  • John Zieman 
    Occasional Thing
  • Seagull
    Minimal Fuss
  • Casey Hartnett, Corin Ileto, Sui Zhen
  • Allara
    Rekindled Systems
  • Archie Roach 
    Weeping In The Forest
  • Emma Russack 
    Keeping My Cool
  • Karen Dalton 
    Reason To Believe
  • Baxter Moir
    The Story Of O
  • Bobby Wright 
    Blood Of An American
  • Gilberto Gil 
    Tehno Sede
  • Tracey Thorn 
  • Blue Divers 
    Midday Dirt
  • Casey Hartnett, Corin Ileto, Sui Zhen
    Holding Audio