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Kit Records w/ Matthijs van Dijk

London, 22.11.20

This week Kit Records showcased a guest mix by the South African composer Matthijs van Dijk: "As the Crapfest that has been the pandemic descended onto the world, and every musician got kicked in the gut with work instantly vanishing, I wanted to create a little bit of a celebration of all the amazing musicians (and styles) South Africa has, as we all wade through this shit together. Besides for wanting to include as many artists whose work I really love as I could, I put a bit of emphasis on work that was released or created during this time, and pieces that were, for me, part of the (online) tapestry of the first few months of quarantine."


  • Howes
    16 Rotating Patterns
  • Laundry 
    Lawn Feeling
  • Tom Skinner, Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert
    Sunrise (Live At The Crypt)
  • Mark Ernestus, Obadikah 
  • Ben Van Gelder, Reinier Baas 
  • Robert Merlak 
  • Mokale Koapeng
    Komeng (Perfomed By The Sontonga Quartet)
  • Nicky Schrire
    Only One Forever (Performed By Nicky Schrire, Ariella Caira & Matthijs Van Dijk)
  • Lil Miss Beats
    Visiting L.A.
  • Matthijs Van Dijk
    Can We Talk About [Performed By Naomi Sullivan (Soprano Saxophone), Luke Riedinger (Alto Saxophone), Andrew Tweed (Tenor Saxophone), Chloe Percy-Smith (Baritone Saxophone), Isobel Matthews (Alto), Dominika Blatt (Piano), Oliver Kinsella (Guitar), Rob Roberts (Bass), Alexander Henshaw (Drums), Conducted By Yannick Mayaud]
  • Thokozani Mhlambi
    Hamb Uyo Thela
  • Igor Stravinsky
    Spring Rounds (Arranged And Performed By Reza Khota)
  • Péter Louis Van Dijk
    Trapdance (Performed By Yura Lee & Tertia Visser-Downie)
  • Franco Prinsloo
    Pas De Deux (Performed By Magdalena De Vries, Charlotte Botha, Xitha Makgeta, Netanja Brink & Kobus Kotse)
  • Stacey, Juritz, Ravens, Keller (Galina Juritz mix) 
    Ehrfurcht (Galina Juritz Remix)
  • Louisa Theart
    Cinq Minutes De Cinema Pur
  • Lise Morrison
    Untitled 2 For Marimba And Thundersheets (Performed By Jonathan Bonny & Lise Morrison)
  • Shane Cooper
    Bamako Love Song (Performed By Mabuta)
  • Dumama + Kechou (Ft. Siya Makuzeni)
    Wessi Walking Mama
  • Kirsty Adams
  • Jan-Hendrik Harley
    Finding Hope (Performed By Mariechen Meyer & Jan-Hendrik Harley)
  • Prince 
    Purple Music
  • Elzhi
    Inner Space
  • D Double E
    Back In The Day (Stormin Skit)
  • Poirier Marshall Partners
    FERME 2
  • Gal Costa 
    Namorinho De Portão
  • Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata
    Revali's Flap
  • People Like Us 
    Do Or DIY