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Lamin Fofana

Berlin, 16.06.21

With Lamin Fofana

Lamin Fofana is an artist and musician currently located in Berlin. His latest releases include Black Metamorphosis, Darkwater, and Blues (an album trilogy).


  • Lamin Fofana 
    And All The Birds Sing Bass
  • Lamin Fofana 
  • Lamin Fofana
    I’m Your Question
  • R. A. Judy, Fred Moten, Sadia Abbas
    In Conversation
  • Lamin Fofana 
    Artifacts Of Displacement
  • Lamin Fofana 
    I ran from it and was still in it
  • Lamin Fofana 
    Black Metamorphosis
  • Lamin Fofana